brief CAPE report

yes, i AM fly in my "True and Livin" hoodie. don't hate, emulate!
CAPE was a blast! i mean, i really had fun. the weather was very good this year (cool in the morning, but warming up in the afternoon), and many neighborhood folks strolled over to the show at Craddock Park out of pure curiosity! of course, tons of fans turned out to meet comics stars like Mark Waid, Jason Pearson, Gail Simone and Bryan Hitch... and they were nice enough to stop at my table for a minute, too! i took the opportunity to sell copies of Spontaneous, Mine All Mine, and the ghostWerks classics Champion Of Children Afterschool Special, Champion Of Children: The Legend of Challenge, and the extra-splendid ghostWerksComics anthology.

for more CAPE pics go here.

i got many compliments on my True and Livin' hoodie, which protected me quite nicely from the crisp morning elements, and was scolded more than once by people who didn't know they were available... so i invite you to click the pictures below and peruse the True and Livin' merchandise in the Ziontific store. take a second to back up and check the other sections too, since i have clearly been slack on my marketing!

for real fam, i thought you knew...
peace, love, etc.


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