greetings, party people! congratulate yourself for getting through monday alive! i've been sluggin' away on my freelance project, watching a lotta basketball games, and trying to master the art of twitter. jury's out on that, but here's a panel from page 55.
so i did an in-store appearance at a comic shop this weekend, drew some tight sketches (pix coming eventually) and was blessed with a gift card with which i copped a bunch'a swag, including that GI JOE:ORIGINS and a couple Un-Men trades (both featuring art by that dude Mike Hawthorne... i'm a Hawthorne fan for real right now dunny!) i'll review the Un-Men joints (on ghettoManga) once i finish 'em, but one chapter into the first one, i gotta say, they're pretty hot. also got the rest of that Black Lightning:Year One... so expect a review of that soon too... anyways, just wanted to dip in, case anyone was watching! back to the drawing board!

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