Bee Girl Stance

Bee Girl Stance by samax. click to enlarge
here's a drawing of my daughter Marley that i drew today. just a quick ballpoint sketch, tightened up in Photoshop. my wife has Marley's nursery all decked out with a bumblebee motif (guys, you may as well know now, once you get married, women like to decorate rooms with themes), so i like to call Marley our little Bee Girl. she has recently just taken her first steps, but it would be stretch to say she is walking... i don't wanna rush her into pop-locking or anything. she falls on her face enough on her own, without me pushing her! she does love it when you beat box, though...
anyways, hope ya'll like it!
[EDIT: my wife pointed out that i forgot her birthmark, so i added it to her cheek!]


Anonymous said...

Lello n' black! The most awesomest color combo evar, thankyouverymuch. Plus: Your little bee girl is cute. I'm talking KAWAII cute, y'know?

samax said...

thanks Angelina!

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