Movies That Should Be Comics, ghettoManga Quarterly, and other stuff i'm Doing...

Machete by Samax Amen. brush pen, photoshop. click to enlarge.
i've been keeping busy lately. besides working on the comic Permanent Residents for my client, i'm also writing, illustrating and quarterbacking the latest issue of my comics anthology/hip Hop culture magazine ghettoManga Quarterly, which is available for preorder now. the new issue will have the first installment in the series of illustrated articles Movies That Should Be Comics. the pic you see here is for that first article about Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse spinoff/mock-trailer-turned-actual-upcoming-movie Machette, whose star Danny Trejo was so easy to draw that I was able to knock this out in one sitting.
anyways, sorry i took so long between posts... i'll try to do better next time!


Vee (Scratch) said...

Cool piece

ofloda said...

bad ass! Can't wait to see more!

Art Fan Ako said...

Busy,busy! This post was worth the wait!

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