new scene!

page 11, before lettering
so now Permanent Residents moves on to the first vignette, which is built around a rivalry between two Tejano volunteer soldiers in the Texas revolution. this comic takes place at the historic Menger Hotel, across the street from the Alamo, so in 1836, the site was actually a battleground. it was fun to dive into the period elements of the story (although it made me nervous when i read the script!). Period fiction has never been something i took interest in as an artist, so it is actually kind of fun to try it! i wanted to try to draw this totally in photoshop without drawing on paper first. i found out that i really like drawing cowboys, which i did not expect! so this vignette should be fun!


ofloda said...

I love the look on the guys face on panel 7. What's he worried about? hmmm... I really like the look of your character designs.

samax said...

thanks! i think he's just hating on his boy!

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