#fromTheArchives- John Henry: God of Thunder

John Henry: God of Thunder by Samax Amen

I drew this back in 2005 for a sketch challenge on ArtXilla. Lately it's been getting a lot of love on DeviantArt, so I figured I'd pull it out an post it here for you.  The challenge was to combine a marvel character and a dc character to create a new one... of course i was gonna do a black superhero, cause that's how I roll...  The first combo that came to mind was a cross between John Henry Irons (aka Steel of Reign of the Supermen and Morrison's expanded JLA lineup) and the Mighty Thor!

I named him John Henry: god of Thunder because "black lightning" and "chocolate thunder" were already taken...  I drew this with pencil and micron pens, then added the grey tones in Photoshop. Anyways, I gotta get back to work!



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