If you like MISTY KNIGHT and Samax Amen's art, you NEED to read THIS

Who wants a Misty Knight drawing by me?

So y'all already know Marvel's got your girl Misty Knight anchoring the new all-female superhero team comic Fearless Defenders. And you already know I freaking LOVE Misty Knight. And you also know I'm broke. That's where YOU come in! Hit me up on the paypal button below, and I'll draw you a fresh drawing of everyone's favorite dark Knight detective (my favorite, anyways) on the Fearless Defenders #1 Sketch Cover Variant! While supplies last of course...

You can get it in monochrome (one color) or full color. You can also choose a bust (head and shoulders) or full body drawing.
Choose your Option


EXTRA CHARACTERS just $15 each!

If you are in GHETTOMANGA INSIDERS or The SAMAX AMEN FAN CLUB, you can have one extra character added to your drawing FREE! If not (why not?! kidding...), just add characters to your cart by clicking the paypal button below! They're just $15 each. No, there's no limit on extra characters. Go nuts...

What character(s) do you want?

So again, I'll do this as long as I can (supply of sketch covers are limited), so get in where you fit in!!!



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