"Bianca in Wonderland" (for those who missed it)

This Cartoon Portrait was commissioned by a friend who wanted to give a one-of-a-kind teeshirt to his friend Bianca, who is a huge Alice in Wonderland fan. He gave me tons and tons of details and photos to work with, but also gave me the flexibility to do what I thought was best. In other words, he trusted me. I take that seriously, so I tried to do something extra fresh for him! I was very happy with how the black and white drawing came out!

Then I tried to be ambitious with the color, which didn't work out at all. So then I backed up and applied more basic, flat color. I think this worked really well, since the line drawing was so detailed. It also evoked the style of cartoon better than what I was originally trying to do.
The client and Bianca were very happy with the final piece, which makes me very happy! So anyways, let me know if you have any questions.
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