New fan art- @EricMengel's OCHO by @SamaxAmen

I'm rarely able to make time to draw fan art for its own sake these days, but when I do, I usually prefer to draw something by an indie creator. This is my drawing of Eric Mengel's creation, Ocho.

 Here's the original sketch I did with a Sharpie. Probably a chisel tip. Instead of fooling with it any further, I just scanned it and tightened it up and colored in Photoshop with my Cintiq.

Layers, son. Layers.
I tried to keep as much of the roughness from the original drawing as I could, 'cause that's how I roll. Anyways, feel free to ask if you have questions about process.
According to the OCHO COMICS Facebook page,
OCHO is an alien missionary sent from a far off planet to make the world a better place. Along the way he gets the hiccups.
Eric Mengel's OCHO COMICS has the incredible distinction of being the longest-running mini-comic in Arizona. That's right, Mengel has been cranking this comic out for twenty years. How does he stay motivated and dialed in? Why does he make comics?
"I create comics because I love comics as a language. As a art form. As a document... Comics are the note you write and draw on a deserted island and when you're done you put the finished product in a bottle and throw it out for someone to see. Who's gonna read it? Who's willing to pay for it? I love making comics. If you take away the comic stores, conventions, money, etc I'm still making OCHO COMICS"
-Eric Mengel
How inspiring! Anyways, CLICK HERE to check out the Ocho Comics Facebook page.

Like I said, I don't do as much fan art as I used to, but I was inspired, so there you go. If you want to commission me to draw your fave character, you might check my 30 Minute Drawing Sale before I come to my senses and cancel it.
PS--- REMEMBER: If you're in my Fan Club, you can get TWO drawings for the price of one, OR you can choose to get a 1 Hour Drawing instead! Thanks again!

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