One Christmas gift down...

I drew Asgardian Storm as a Christmas gift for my BFF Camisha, who is probably the biggest Storm fan in the world.  Looks like she got it in the mail this week...

Sip Water and Build Series 1- "Dehydration"

This morning I watched this awesome video by poet Rudy Francisco, and decided to draw this image.  I was so happy with how it came out, that I decided to do an independent promo of Rudy's Francisco's book of poetry Helium!

So for a limited time, you can preorder a sheet with 3-4 stickers, a signed 11 x 14 poster, a screen-printed tee shirt,  or a pack with all three items.  Each purchase also comes with a paperback copy of Rudy's book Helium, so we can support his awesome gift!

Includes FREE domestic shipping
shirt sizes

Don't miss out: this offer expires Friday, December 22nd, at which time I will put the appropriate orders in.  I'm only going to print enough for myself and the people who ordered! So get your order in now to get one of these exclusive items.  

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