Genius At Work

this speech by Elizabeth Gilbert parallels in many ways my own thinking about creativity.
there are those times when the product is so much greater than the sum of hard work and talent. I find it very easy to believe that God gives me some of the better ideas and flourishes, and that it's my job to dig through my soul to find them.
but rather than ramble about it, i'd love to discuss it with anybody who watches the video. what did you think of her comments?


Mr. Hawthorne said...

First, she didn't talk about me at all so obviously the title is misleading and will cause nothing but frustration for your readers.

Second, in art everything is right and nothing is right. So fuck it. Just make stuff and don't worry about what's behind it. Discussing the details behind an artist's thoughts are for the critics and voyeurs. The artist's role is to make stuff, snort coke off of a mirror while admiring his/her own eyes, and die young in a puddle of body fluids.

Something like that. ;)


samax said...

she did mention you! that was YOU in the corner she was talking to...

BAVU said...

God is

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