my Art Conspiracy painting...

"Madonna and Child" was painted on a 3' x 3' piece of plywood, lightly primed. well, i used the term "painted" loosely... the yellow and brown tones in the piece are painted with Acrylic, the rest was done with Sharpies.
it sold at a charity auction sponsored by Art Cionspiracy in dallas earlier in the month. took me a while to figure out how to get the piece off my cell phone and onto the web where you could see it... so, here it is! hit me with comments and/or questions (commissions don't suck either...)

Art Conspiracy benefit show

i'm part of a benefit show this sunday Dec 9 at The Door (2513 Main St in Dallas) called Art Conspiracy III ...

i'll be on deck from 6-9pm saturday painting at the venue. i'll do a freestyle piece, so i don't know what i'm gonna paint, but i'm taking suggestions all the way up to the time of, so lemme know your ideas!

cover is 10 bucks, proceeds go to St. Anthony's Community Center. it's fun for the whole fam! get at me, and i'll have other swag in my napsack for those that wanna cop somethin'... i'll bring paintings, prints and postcards, PLUS the work i create for the show will be auctioned off, so you can get it cheap, i'm sure!

Holla Day Shopping...

greetings, Fam!
i have added a "Holla Day Cheer" Section to the Ziontific store, which features my christmas image "Ya Better Watch Out" and other designs for festive shoppers. i also added a Men's Wear section for those of you who are shopping for "that Dude" in your life, but wanna make it quick! these sections are STILL being updated, so suggestions are welcome...
peace, love, etc.


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