Sometimes I write something that makes me look wise or whatever. When I wrote this as a Facebook post this past summer, I was largely encouraging and correcting myself.

Fashion Art Network interviews me (@SamaxAmen)

Here's a promo interview I did with the fine folks at Fashion Art Network to promote their gallery exhibit "No Need to be Heroic" that I had a couple pieces in. A nice chance for the internets to hear my voice, instead of just reading what I have to say.

Wanna see the interiors I did for Sivion's album "Group Therapy"?

So when I did the artwork for Sivion's album Group Therapy, I agreed not to share the interior art on the internet for a while so that people who bought the record would get something exclusive. After almost a year on the open market, I think it's okay to show this to you, since we're cool and all...

Character design- "GOLDEN MONGOOSE" by @SamaxAmen

One of my clients has a nephew who plays football, who goes by the nickname The Golden Mongoose, and wanted a mascot for the family to put on their teeshirts for a homecoming game.

Rejected character design

Real quick, I thought y'all might like to see this character design from a comics project that died on the operating table last year.

I'm doing the Character Design Challenge again. Which one of these do you like?

I'm trying the Weekly Character Design Challenge again... except now it's monthly, I guess? So the point is they give you five random shapes (above) and you create five head shots. Then you choose one and develop a turn around, then a full character. Because I'm not good at choosing, I'm letting YOU choose which one of the five characters below I will take to the next step:

SOLD! "My Hair Has Never Been Cut" by @SamaxAmen

Here's a close-up photo of Old Testament action hero Samson from my painting My Hair Has Never Been Cut (peep the full piece below). Shout out to my friend Amanda, who agreed to buy the painting (without even seeing it) based on the description "featuring Samson lounging at the crib with the original Femme Fatale, Delilah."...

Two 11x17 Fan Art prints available this week from @SamaxAmen

Just like that, it's February, and there's a lot going on around here, so I'll get right to what I wanted to talk to you about:
I'm offering two limited 11x17 Fan Art prints this week, and as it turns out they both have a lovey dovey pre-Valentine vibe to them, for those of you who are feeling festive or whatever. Both pieces started out as black and white drawings I did back in 2011. This week I decided to color them and offer them as prints in the GhettoManga Store*...

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