"Shacklebound" Illustration

This piece was my first job on Elance, a freelance bidding site. I was actually surprised to be selected by the client, but my style was exactly what he was looking for. Yay, me!

Iron Man drawing by Samax (in case you missed it)

I did this Iron Man piece for a commission for  DwainIBe of my Twitter familia. I started to cop out and do the 80's Iron Man, but I thought I  would try and do a version of the one from the movie.


 Last year, I offered a free drawing with any paid subscription to my magazine GhettoManga Quarterly. I got a lotta strange requests, but this one was easily the weirdest...

The Brother meets Harriet Tubman

Would you pay to read a comic about an African time-traveler who meets Harriet Tubman on her deathbed? Yeah me too... If Jay Kelley gets his way, we may all get the chance...

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