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what up, party people? here's the next three pages of art from the ultra-keen super-secret comics project i'm working on for a client.



"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."
- President Barack Obama


i'm BACK at the Dallas Comicon

My man Corance and I will be at the Dallas Comicon at the Richardson Civic center Saturday, peddling copies of ghettoManga Quarterly and doing sketches. after that, i'm setting up for the ArtLoveMagic Show next weekend (go here for details). if you're coming by feel free to stop and get at me. if you can't make it, don't be sad, you can buy stuff from me too!
order copies of Spontaneous here
order ghettoManga Quarterly here

diez, homey!

that's Ten in spanish... the saga continues...

Great Power, Great Responsibility...

Spider-Man is my favorite super hero, so when people ask for spidey Sketches, i pretty much kill it every time. i did this one a long time ago at San Diego Comic Con in a fan's sketchbook. it's not necessarily the best Spidey drawing i ever did, but it's my favorite.
i drew this with Khalid's prisma markers and a micron.

Sketch Portraits are BACK!

by popular demand i brought back $25 Sketch Portraits, to help pay for all the supplies for the shows i'm doing this year (similac isn't cheap either)! and now you can get that joint on a Calendar print or a tee-shirt as well.
one'a these stylized sketches would make a great gift for a friend or family member (or just get one for yourself!)
anyways, it's first-come, first-served... so get in where you fit in, family!

Package Type

Love(s) of My Life

Charlene and Marley
okay, let's go to the ArtLoveMagic holiday party!
Dr. Reyes got my back!
I am READY baby!
Did you get my Good side?

Daddy and Marley
I GOT IT!!!! (everything an infant does is a big accomplishment...)
Marley with Grandad!

Image of the Month

the Image of the Month for January on samaxAmen.com is this sketch of Baby Allah, the lead character of Ballerz, a comic property i've been developing for a while now. Ballerz will follow the exploits of a basketball team that trades for a ball-player with All-star skills but rap star drama. the book will feature an ensemble cast, and non-stop action on (and off) the court.
anyways, there's merch featuring this sketch of Baby Allah in the Ziontific store!

Keepin' It Underground

i'm pleased to participate in the first ArtLoveMagic show of the new year. Underground:Dallas' Hidden Talents will take place at the Janette Kennedy Gallery 1409 S. Lamar (the Southside on Lamar Building) in Dallas on January 31st. It's $10 at the door, but if you join the ArtLoveMagic email list, you can get in for $5. i'll get a few free passes i can give away, so joining my email list wouldn't suck either.

page Seven

Murder Rap by samax

Murder Rap by samax. Image of the Month for January on samaxAmen.com
you can buy prints, sketchbooks and other swag with this image in the Ziontific store.

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