[Daily Sketch] Airtight Containers, fam 😵

Hey, fam!

Yesterday, while I was on Facebook promoting the new short comic I just finished drawing for one of my clients, somebody brought some passive-aggressive energy onto my page and really made me angry...

I'm Working on a Tool to Help You Make a Comic Strip

Even if you can't draw a lick, I want you to have an option to generate professional-looking comic strips.  So I'm working on a little something...

[Daily Sketch] I drew a lady WITHOUT an afro, fam 😵

I drew this caricature of my fellow freelancer Krista Willmorth during a video conference with her Monday afternoon.

Krista by Samax Amen
Crayola markers on 110 lb paper

I  actually draw caricatures all the time of people who never see them.  The only reason Krista will see this one is because I decided to share this as the Daily Sketch for Monday.

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