I'll be set up at the "Naturally Isis Natural Hair Parade and Festival" this year!

This afternoon my friend Salem from the mighty ArtLoveMagic crew reached out to see if I was interested in taking part in this year's Naturally Isis Natural Hair Parade and Festival, hosted by Erykah Badu. As you could imagine, I was all over it...

Jay Kelley's "The Brother" page 4 and 5 art by Samax Amen

Is this dude EVER gonna finish this comic?
 I forgot to post page four of The Brother: Run Alonzo Run, so I'll post it now along with page five. I have gotten into the habit of posting on Facebook first instead of here, which is dumb, since this autoposts to Facebook. That ends today...

New portrait by Samax Amen (for those who missed it...)

From the archives...

Here's some sketches from my old SamaxAmen.com sketchbook section. I took the link to the sketchbook off the main page, since it only confuses people to see these sketches which are like ten years old, but they are still there for people who have linked to them.

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