oh yeah, buy ghettoManga Quarterly

the wait is over people! the debut issue of ghettoManga Quarterly is here for your perusal! after a long wait, i finally got the first issue done...
it's 52 pages long, with original comics from Nat Landry (Devil Kitty and Violent Amphibious Beaver Boy), Garland Watson (Return Of The Backpackers) and me, Samax Amen (Manchild:Birthday Boy).
Hip hoppers will dig the article featuring DJ Kool Herc and reviews of that new Nas joint, and I put you on (once again) to the Mighty Underdogs new plate Droppin' Science Fiction. as an added bonus, i featured my art series Pay*Triotic in these pages, and much, much more!
COP THAT for just $10 plus shipping, homey!


Warrior Queen Mother

Warrior Queen Mother by Samax Amen

Was It Good For You?

well, September's almost over, so i may as well update the Image of the Month, right? i had The Soldier up there all month, even though it was supposed to be the Image for August... "better late than never" i always say!
so i'll use the hot new sketch, Was It Good For You #2 that i whipped up earlier this month... it got lotsa love on mySpace, so i'll drop it here as well! this will probably be in the next Spontaneous volume i do (probably winter 08 or early 09, so stay tuned), and there will eventually be a series of prints (see WIGFY#1 here) once there are enough of 'em...

i saw my shirt on E. Bey!

here's one of my Tee shirts with the image Miraculous, worn by Atlanta-based cartoonist/emcee/black superman Elihu Bey, creator of the extra-dimensional aboriginal mind-bender Neverknots.
he's one of the most original voices out there, and if he manages to do HALF of what he has in mind for his comic, the art form will never be the same! click on his picture and check him out if you think i'm just talking crap.
by the way, if you wanna get your hands on one of those fresh tees, click the pic to the right and go over to the Ziontific store and see what we got to choose from!

Hurricane Marley has arrived!

Charlene and I are delighted to introduce you to our brand new daughter Marley Levelle! she was born on September 9th at 7:30 pm, and was 7 pounds, 4 ounces. she's an even 20 inches long. she was due on the 1st, but just like daddy, she shows up when she is good and ready! we are home now, and both mommy and daughter are doing well (i'm fine too, in case you're wondering...).
anyways, that's it! thanks to everyone was so kind while we were waiting on Marley to come, and we hope you will stay tuned in for the adventures ahead!

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