I WISH I looked like this in real life πŸ˜‚


Well fam,

While I was waiting for a client (who never showed) for a zoom meeting, I drew a caricature of myself.

I wish I looked this cool in real life...

Samax's ART PARTY ROAD SHOW Continues


I forgot to share these Art Party pics from the store opening I worked in Fair Park last week!

They hired me for face painting, but no one was into it.  

But my sign also offered Caricatures, and once people started getting them, I stayed busy the whole time!

It was SUPER COLD that morning, but it was one of the busiest store openings I've ever worked at!

This is the first store opening I worked for this client that was in a downtown area with lots of foot traffic, and they had a secret weapon:


Some of my best caricatures ever?


Hey fam,

I took my Art Party gear on the road again this weekend, this time for two caricature engagements.

Friday I worked a Valentine's Day Party at Central Presbyterian Church in Woodway,TX

My sister Carla helped me book the Valentine's Day party, so she got a free caricature! 

Click the photo to enlarge the drawing.

Here's some more caricatures from the party:

Spent my Saturday painting and drawing on faces


Hey fam,

One of my clients is a party promoter who books me for live events. 

At his request, I added Face Painting to my Live Art Party arsenal in 2022, and he has had recurring work for me.   

I took my Art Party gear on the road and painted faces at a store opening on Saturday.

We got off to a great start with this cutie pie...

RIP to the Queen πŸ’”

Want to discover your Ideal Client?


Hey fam,

The NEXT LEVEL Freelancing Class is officially underway!  I had a good time with my students, a small group of service providers looking to build solid freelancing businesses in 2021.
One important key for doing business in 2021 is to know who your Ideal Clients are. 

Knowing your desired clients and what their problems are is crucial, because it will determine the skills you need, what you can charge, how to speak to them, and even how to find them.

A Boss From Hell Christmas

Rejected Album Cover Gets A New Lease On Life

Y'all know I LOVE doing album covers!  So I poured a lotta love into this one and it got rejected...

5 Ways to Overcome Confusion

I put this sketch (inspired while studying how to overcome confusion) on Teepublic

Life can get very confusing, very quickly.  And confusion can be absolutely crippling when you're trying to make decisions. 

If you're running a team that has no idea what their goal is.

If you can't agree with your significant other about the direction of the relationship.

If you're trying to sell a solution to a prospect who isn't sure how it is going to help her?

Confusion is the enemy of getting stuff done.

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