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so i'm cranking these out pretty good. now, i know what you're thinking, and yes, i'm working on Christmas Eve. i work from home, okay? don't worry, my wife and daughter are sleeping, A Christmas Story is playing across the living room, and i'm lap-topping in my favorite chair. so all is right with the world...

anyways, the main character of this comic is hearing-impaired, so my writer sent me to this blog about deaf characters in adolescent literature, and lo-and-behold, they actually adressed deaf people in comics! here's a slideshow:

chuggin' along...

i haven't been posting as much as i'd like because i'm getting a lotta freelance work, including this project. it's a big one, so get used to seeing new pages for the next few months... incidentally, i think i'm getting faster, which is a good thing too! i expect to do a lot more of my own comics in '09 since i'm working the kinks out on this project, which i'm drawing, coloring and lettering... but i'm trying hard to keep up with the blog and magazine (can't forget about my people!). anyways, feel free to let me know what you think.


the Saga continues

2nd page of my new freelance project.
it's a teen sci-fi comic...
as an experiment, i just scanned breakdown sketches i made of the story on typing paper and drew the art right in photoshop. it was much faster than drawing it the traditional way (the project is huge, so speed is a big issue)!

the client has yet to see these, so hopefully they will like what i'm doing.

no, it's not Balrog

sketch of Iron Mike Tyson by samax (for the sketchbook Allstars sketchjam: Fighters). watercolor brush pens on paper.
i've never been all that big into fighting, but you didn't need to be to dig Iron Mike when i was comin' up! he was like a super hero (or villain, depending on how you look at it...) knocking professional fighters unconscious before the popcorn was even ready! every comedian mentioned him... he had rappers writing songs about him... not the greatest boxer ever, but my personal favorite!
(NOTE: I decided to make this the Image of the Month for December. buy stuff with this image here. the original art can be bought for just $25. if you want it, get at me. offer ends Dec 31)

I'll be in the House!

I'll be participating in another Art Conspiracy benefit auction this Saturday at 3011 Gulden Ln in Dallas,TX. And this year's beneficiary is…Preservation LINK!

Preservation LINK, Inc. has worked tirelessly to create a family of youth media programs. They strive to provide “life experience literacy” for elementary, junior high, and high school students in South Dallas through a variety of programs and initiatives, including a photojournalism program called “Point of View” and a media skills training course called “SIGHT & SOUND.” The goal of these programs is to encourage youth to document and appreciate their communities, and in turn embrace personal responsibility and civic engagement.

Doors Open: 6:30 p.m. on SATURDAY
location: 3011 Gulden Lane, Dallas, TX 75212 | MAP
artists: 150 Dallas Artists


door: $ 10
benefiting: Preservation LINK, Inc
I'll have a piece being auctioned in the show, so you might be able to get it cheap, plus there will be lots of other great pieces to bid on, too! i'll bring copies of gM Quarterly and other goodies in my knapsack... you know how i get down!
see ya there!

Stand Up for Your Writes!

nah, i didn't start writing rhymes or anything (i know better than that...), but i DO have new Journals with my images available in the Ziontific shop, including Murder Rap and Daydreamer, shown here. your journal will be filled with your choice of 60lb bookweight (24 lb bond) paper -- blank (for sketching), dot grid, lined college-ruled, or a task journal. this is a good gift for you, or the writer, artist, organizer, or wanna-be in your life! peep my full line of journals here!
changing the way you look
and the way you see since

my little Bee Girl!

here's a few more pics of my little angel!peace, love, etc.

the HOLLA DAYS are upon us!

hope everybody had a good Turkey Day... so Thanksgiving Day means many things, but what it REALLY means is the hollaDays are upon us! i got a few variations of Christmas cards available (click on either picture to order), and more on the way, in singles and packs of 10 and 20. i got the Ya Better Watch Out and Be Cool available, right now... look for a few more within the week.

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