I want to make 2017 a BREAKTHROUGH year!

I was born on March 22nd, 1973 which means this year I turned 44 years old.  This past year was filled with plenty of ups and downs, and I want to thank God, as well as my friends, fans, and family who helped me get through all of it.  So far in 2017, I have been living strictly from money made from art.  It has been VERY rough, but this year with your help, I want to use my birthday week to launch into the most successful year I've ever had as an artist!

"Stream of Consciousness" by Samax Amen (03/2017)

Here's a bunch of detail photos and notes about my new piece, Stream of Consciousness.  This one is another example of a piece where I made it up as I went along, not really sure if it would become a "real" piece of art, or just practice...

"Love Seat" a painting by Samax Amen

I was recently commissioned by my longtime friend and patron Cathy Hutchison to create a painting.  Because she is a fan of the way my mind works (and a really awesome lady), Cathy just pointed out a couple of my previous pieces and explained what appealed to her about them, but released me to do whatever I wanted within those loose parameters.

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