Wounded Warriors: Misty Knight (work in progress)

Misty Knight by Samax (in progress... more after the blah blah)
 Yeah, it is well known that I heart me some Misty Knight. I try not to complain when she is drawn weird or treated like a sidekick or silly wimpy girl, but y'all know she is still dope, and a great representation of the surviving spirit of black women. Plus, she's HAWT! so anyways, I painted her. Peep...

PREVIEW- "Da Old School" from "Champion of Children Vol 1"

For those who have never read it, Champion of Children is about kid superheroes (because kid villains have to be stopped by kid heroes, right?). The greatest kid hero at any given time inherits the title "Champion of Children" along with the requisite privileges and responsibilities. The current Champion of Children is 5 year old martial arts powered hero Li'l Madd Skillz, but this particular short story Da Old School stars her big brother Junior Raw, and his friend Smash Boogie (whose name I only learned after drawing this story, by the way). To help promote our Kickstarter campaign, Champ co-creator and writer Corance Davis has empowered me to offer Da Old School in its entirety...

Original Character/Concept Design: The Gryphon

The Gryphon by Samax Amen
Instead of drawing pics of Iron Man, Spidey or whatever, I spend my rare free time drawing my own characters. Revolutionary, I know! So here's some blah blah about The Gryphon...

New drawing: "Amen @ Work" + "iPatch" (for those who missed it)

 I'm always threatening to do comic strips about stuff that happens at work or whatever, but most of the time I never get around to it...

Some "Champion of Children: The Legend of Challenge" original art for sale

"It's bad..." pg 11
9 year old superhero, and former Champion of Children Junior Raw tried to take on an adult super-villain... It's not working out for him!

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