Here's a list of characters in that "DARE: SHOOK" cover drawing from the #sketchbook archives, for those who missed it

Nobody asked me who the characters were in this drawing when I posted it on Twitter, but I will geek out about my art even if you don't, so here's a list- top to bottom, left to right- of characters in this drawing of teen action hero Darius "Dare" Davidson.

Help me celebrate my 43rd birthday!

My 42nd year of life was kinda rough. My dog died, my transmission died, and my marriage died (in that order).  But I'm thankful for my friends, fans, and family who helped me get through all that. My 43rd birthday is this week (Tuesday March 22nd, for the record), and this year I want to use my birthday week to launch into the most successful year I've ever had . . . And it all starts with you!

A few sketches. Nothing special. . .

I do a lot of stuff digitally, so people assume that I don't like to draw on paper. Nothing could be further from the truth...

Tattoo Design for/with Lashay @SensiblySutpid Basnight, by @SamaxAmen

Here's an illustration I did for my internet fam Lashay Basnight. We have been internet peeps for years, so I was very pleased when Lashay inquired about illustrating the tattoo she wanted...

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