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The SAMAX AMEN FAN CLUB is a network of my best fans who get access to stuff other fans don't get. I couldn't possibly do what I do without a strong network, so I love my fans and I'm willing to make sure you stay hooked up!

Here's what you get as a member of my fan club:

  1. EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION SCREEN PRINTED T-SHIRT- I'll  screen-print an EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION tee, strictly for myself and Club members, once a year. These shirts will NEVER be reprinted... and you will get each one that comes out for as long as you're a member.

  2. (at least) One Artbook, Anthology or Graphic Novel per year- Each year, I'll print a limited edition book of some sort, collecting work by me and people I am collaborating with. You'll get a copy of that book (or another book if there's one with my work from another publisher) for each year that your membership is valid. Right now, you can choose to receive a copy of Spontaneous, or wait until I drop a new joint.

  3. FREE DIGITAL COPIES OF EVERY BOOK I PUBLISH DURING YOUR MEMBERSHIP- Anytime I publish a new artbook, issue of Champion of Children, or any other book, magazine, comic, trade, ebook or whatever, you will get a digital copy 100% FREE.

  4. 99 cent DOWNLOADS OF PREVIOUS COMICS, BOOKS, ETC.- Yep. You'll get a coupon code that allows you to download ANY book I have published in the past for just a buck each, when they become available.

     love my peeps... so you'll get a greeting card with art by me (or one
    of my friends who is equally dope) at Christmas, Valentine's Day and at
    least two other times a year, as long as you are a member.

  6. FREE STUFF- Anyone that knows me will tell you: I like to share. So from time to time I
    will just send you free stuff. Prints. . Postcards. Free Downloads. Stuff like that. You'll also get discounts on everything I make when I can't afford to just GIVE it to you...
  7. EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS  As a Fan Club member you will have access to exclusive member discounts that are not offered to anyone else. For example, I offer my members a whopping 50% Discount on Custom Art (which can be combined with other offers as well!), so if you need any kind of custom art (album covers, portraits, teeshirt designs, comic book art), you'll get half off! If I think of other ways to save my members money, I'll let you know!

  8. ACCESS TO TUTORIALS AND TEACHING PRODUCTS- I like to share things I learn. I do workshops and stuff sometimes, so when I make a new teaching tool, I'll give you access to free tutorials and workbook products I make WAY before everyone else. I'll even make myself available for private lessons and critiques for members whenever I can!

YES! That's a lot! So why am I doing this? 
Because I'm awesome? 
Because I love my fans? 
Because I want my fans to love me?

Well yeah, there's that... 
But here's my two most important reasons:
Being married to an artist is hard. I don't complain about it publicly, but the money is up one month and down (sometimes WAY down) the next. There's no getting around it... It's easier on my family if I have a predictable income. I don't expect my fans to carry the burden for me, but right now I work two jobs, and that's not sustainable unless I want to give up making art. I don't. So, I appreciate it if the fans who most enjoy my work can contribute to my ongoing efforts of being the best husband, father and creative person I can be! If you can afford to drop a Lincoln on me every month, it would really help my family and my career. I will return the favor by helping you afford the art you need/want, and give you more free/cheap stuff whenever I can! 

To join, you can choose to pay a yearly fee of $75, or a low monthly fee of just $5 via the paypal button below! I am so thankful that people like my work and want to support my efforts, and the more of you that sign up, the more productive I can be!

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