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"Love Is..." by Samax Amen
Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I decided it was only right to hook up my fans with a greeting card to help them make their shopping a little easier...

ChampBackers caricature #12- Pharoah Bolding

 I can't remember if I backed Pharoah Bolding's Kickstarter for The Dot#1 first, or if he backed Champion of Children first. Whatever the case, he was one of the first thirty backers of the Champ, so he earned himself this caricature!

Unicorn Tee by Samax Amen. Modeled by Sarafina, PhD #nerdyChicksAreHawt

I have been trying to nurture a bad mood, but every time I do, something awesome happens. My wife was indifferent to my obsessing over a possible new printer for my magazine, which really made me mad (it's okay. My wife doesn't care when I get mad, so no harm done). But before I could get up a good steam about it, the homie Sarafina sends me a couple twitpics showing her rocking my Untamed Woman's Cap Sleeve Tee that she got in the mail today. Woo-HOO!

30 minute sketch: Axe Cop

 I have been stuck in a serious rut artistically the last few days. So today I decided to try a Sketch Challenge to help loosen up. The Daily Sketch Challenge on DA is a source of some of my best fan art, so I checked in. The Sketch Challenge for Thursday was Axe Cop. Peep my entry below...

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