Live Art- "Spider-Man and His Amazing Foes" by Samax Amen

I was there to get tacos, but I was invited to jump up on stage and draw something cool, so I did!

DaVerse 04-26-2019 (ALEXANDER HAMILTON) by Samax Amen

Friday April 26 was the last Daverse Lounge of the 2018-19 school year, so I made it to Dallas to close out the year with some live art.

Depressed? Anxious? No Attention Span? You Might Be a Dopamine Addict. Here's how you fix it.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is released in the brain as a reward for achieving a goal.  Very effective when used properly, but really bad when used wrong. 

Many addictive drugs increase dopamine activity, but lots of seemingly harmless things (sugar, social media, video games, etc) effect our dopamine levels in similar ways, and can be linked to anxiety and depression. 

Can you attend this show tonight, fam?

Hey fam,

DaVerse Lounge is back in a big way, with our first Spoken Word Poetry, Live Art and Music event of 2019. Daverse Lounge is a whirlwind evening of youth poetry and creative expression. I do live art pieces like the ones below to contribute to and reflect the spirit of expression the show engenders.

I drew a Guest Comic Strip for Roger Wilbanks' CENTRAL ZOO

 My friend Roger Wilbanks draws a daily comic strip called Central Zoo that is crossing the 100 week threshold later this month!  To celebrate he invited a bunch of artists (including me) to draw guest strips to run during week 100.  Here's mine.


 I finished this Cartoon Portrait which I'm calling Miah the Little Owl earlier this month. November was slow, but Cartoon Portraits picked up at Christmas time, and I am expecting to get a few more before I close the Sweetheart Special at the end of the month, which is less than a week away.

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