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Making Comics with Samax Amen, and an offer from the #TT archive

It's a mermaid thing, fam.  🐬 You wouldn't understand.

Anybody interested in a mermaid comic? I've been sitting on a script since late 2016. But before we talk about that, here's a thing I drew for Inktober...

How to Complete Your Back Burner Project, Once and For All!

Use the same tools employers use to get results.  In other words, really BE your own BOSS.

Here's What's Holding You Back

The latest issue of SUNDAY⭐COMICS with Samax Amen, for those who missed it

Sunday*Comics #16 ©2019 Samax Amen

It's been a while since I put out an issue of Sunday Comics, so let's make it a good one, shall we? 

MXGA: Make the X-Men Great Again 😂

This old fan letter from the Claremont and Cockrum days of the Uncanny X-Men feels right at home in 2019, don't it?

Your Life is Happening Now

Patience is a good thing.  So is a spirit of graciousness and humility.  But waiting for things to be perfect is just stalling.

Happy Batman Day, fam (((airhorn)))

Hey fam,

In case you didn't know, today (September 21st) is BATMAN DAY, and 2019 marks Batman's 80th Birthday!  Can you believe it? EIGHTY YEARS of the Dark Knight Detective!

To celebrate, here is a gallery of Batman art I have made over the years!

[Daily Sketch] Airtight Containers, fam 😵

Hey, fam!

Yesterday, while I was on Facebook promoting the new short comic I just finished drawing for one of my clients, somebody brought some passive-aggressive energy onto my page and really made me angry...

I'm Working on a Tool to Help You Make a Comic Strip

Even if you can't draw a lick, I want you to have an option to generate professional-looking comic strips.  So I'm working on a little something...

[Daily Sketch] I drew a lady WITHOUT an afro, fam 😵

I drew this caricature of my fellow freelancer Krista Willmorth during a video conference with her Monday afternoon.

Krista by Samax Amen
Crayola markers on 110 lb paper

I  actually draw caricatures all the time of people who never see them.  The only reason Krista will see this one is because I decided to share this as the Daily Sketch for Monday.

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