It's all about Me(dia)

the fine folks at Purple Magazine thought well enough of my efforts to do a nice little interview with me as part of their "SuperSelf-Making 101" special also known as Purple Magazine #8. also featured are my peoples Dazjae Zoem and Robert Trujillo, so get familiar! you can download the issue gratis or check in with Ultraviolet Underground for the print issue in a couple weeks. even if you think i'm over-rated (hater!), cop this issue for the fresh cover by painter-emcee Corinne Stevie, tough guy!

Genius At Work

this speech by Elizabeth Gilbert parallels in many ways my own thinking about creativity.
there are those times when the product is so much greater than the sum of hard work and talent. I find it very easy to believe that God gives me some of the better ideas and flourishes, and that it's my job to dig through my soul to find them.
but rather than ramble about it, i'd love to discuss it with anybody who watches the video. what did you think of her comments?


i finally finished Permanent Residents (the 69 page graphic novel i've been working on over the summer) and sent the files to the client late Friday night. as much as i enjoyed working on the book and the multi-cultural cast of characters, I am very glad to be finished with it. after sleeping in on Saturday, my homeboy Corance (creator of Champion of Children, and 1/5th of the mighty GhostWerks crew) came over and kicked it with me and my daughter and then went with me to the the sneakeasy to watch movies. it may not sound all that eventful, but it's the first day in weeks that i didn't do any work. i REALLY needed the rest...anyways, i wrote reviews of Zombieland and The Informant on Sunday, and got to work on some smaller gigs i had lined up. i have a few small projects to work on, and will be doing all sorts of things before i start the next big assignment for this client in December. readers here should see more frequent posts of artwork and stuff, now that i'm out of the deadline dungeon. as usual, i welcome your comments questions, etc and thanks for reading, and i'll see you around!

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