Image of the Month (June, 2008)

since i'm still promoting Spontaneous: Spring 2008 i decided to use What Do I like to Draw? as the Image of the month for June. of course, it's almost July, so now i'm deciding what i want for next month!


peace, fam...
i recently re-read the script i wrote for my monster opus, Gorilladon Lives!, and i gotta tell you: it's pretty sweet! so last night at work, i set out to tweak the character design for everybody's favorite giant monster they never heard of, and i drew this little joint (click to enlarge).

originally created for the sole purpose of being in one scene of Dare: Shook (that's Dare in the lower right hand corner!), Gorilladon quickly took on a life of his own! anyways, one of my goals for this year is to get Dare:Breaking the Ice and Gorilladon Lives! in your hot little hands by year's end, so keep your eyes peelt!

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