Please buy YOURSELF something for my Birthday

Hey there! Today I turned 37 years old. I won't be partying hard though. I'll be working hard drawing comics for my client, blogging, doing Daddy Day Care with my daughter and generally making the ends get acquainted. All I really want for my Birthday (or any other day) is to be productive and successful. The best present YOU can give me today is to buy one or more of the products I have available.

A Dope Sketch...

Untitled (Smoke) by Samax Amen

Ms Marvel Sketch

Untitled sketch (Ms. Marvel) by Samax Amen.
ballpoint pen, watercolor brush pen on scratch paper. gray tones added in photoshop.

Another page completed!

Herman Heed pg 5 by Samax Amen

STRICTLY for my #DeviantArt peoples...

I was feeling DEVIOUS today after finishing that Herman Heed page this morning, so I redecorated my DeviantArt Gallery... made a bunch of Icons for my folders (been wanting to do it for a while, but now it actually WORKS!)  I had lots of more important things i should have been doing, but you know how it is...
anyways, if you haven't been through the gallery lately, I pimped it out just for you


Page 3 is Finally done!

Herman Heed page 3 by Samax Amen.
this page took forever to complete! I will probably do some more tinkering on this before lettering, but it's pretty much finished! It's too soon to say for sure, but I'm pretty happy with how this page turned out! I'm learning so much with each page... I may actually be GOOD at this someday ;)
Like the previous pages, this was roughed out on scratch paper, then drawn in photoshop
Hope you like it, and thanks for stopping by!

Nightcrawler drawing by Samax Amen

Bamf  by Samax Amen. 100% photoshop... 
Here's a drawing I did of Nightcrawler of the X-men. I was getting jammed up on a piece I was doing, and did this to loosen up. cranked this out in 90 minutes. My first exposure to the this character was in a reprint of Giant Size X-men #1 that was in a box of comics I was given by a neighbor who was moving away. Besides having the first black superhero I ever saw on the team (Storm, for the record), the comic also featured this German teleporting mutant  ninja elf! The magnificent Kurt Wagner instantly became my favorite X-man, and X-men became my second favorite comic (Spidey was still the king...). Nightcrawler (a devout religious man who looked like a demon) exemplified the "don't judge a book by its cover" message of the X-men books that helped shape my childhood.
so I hope you enjoy the piece, and I welcome your comments...

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