Drawing my wife again...

 Here's a cartoony caricature drawing I did of my wife Friday night while she was out at the movies. For the first step, I drew the original piece with a crappy ball point pen [I love drawing with crappy ball point pens...] on a regular sheet of copy paper. 
Next, I put it on my lightbox and inked it onto a sheet of 110 lb Premium Cardstock paper. I used a COPIC Sketch Marker (E79 Cashew). So, yeah... the piece is really dark brown instead of black, but my scanning skills are poop. Since I draw comics, I usually only need black linework, so I approached this piece the same way I do comics. After scanning, I adjust the Levels (control L) and Brightness/Contrast (alt + I > A > C) to get the cleanest and blackest black I can. It sounds complicated, but the whole process took less than 30 minutes.
Anyways, I hope you like it. If you have any feedback or questions, please get at me via comment or social network. If you're real shy, just email me.

ChampBackers Caricature #14- Kristina Florita

My friendship with Kristina Florita goes all the way back to the MySpace Era. I can't tell you how many times her off-center sense of humor boosted me out of my sensitive art nerd malaise.... Even though our relationship is internet-based, I consider Kristina a real friend. So it didn't surprise me THAT much when Kristina jumped on the Champion of Children Kickstarter campaign. As one of the first 30 backers, she earned this caricature below...

My art is featured on this upcoming hip hop album

Here's a youtube promo for the upcoming album The Corners Involved by the true-school rap crew Live Percenters. For my part, I drew the black and white headshots you see in the video, which will be used in a collage for the album art...

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