I WISH I looked like this in real life πŸ˜‚


Well fam,

While I was waiting for a client (who never showed) for a zoom meeting, I drew a caricature of myself.

I wish I looked this cool in real life...

Samax's ART PARTY ROAD SHOW Continues


I forgot to share these Art Party pics from the store opening I worked in Fair Park last week!

They hired me for face painting, but no one was into it.  

But my sign also offered Caricatures, and once people started getting them, I stayed busy the whole time!

It was SUPER COLD that morning, but it was one of the busiest store openings I've ever worked at!

This is the first store opening I worked for this client that was in a downtown area with lots of foot traffic, and they had a secret weapon:


Some of my best caricatures ever?


Hey fam,

I took my Art Party gear on the road again this weekend, this time for two caricature engagements.

Friday I worked a Valentine's Day Party at Central Presbyterian Church in Woodway,TX

My sister Carla helped me book the Valentine's Day party, so she got a free caricature! 

Click the photo to enlarge the drawing.

Here's some more caricatures from the party:

Spent my Saturday painting and drawing on faces


Hey fam,

One of my clients is a party promoter who books me for live events. 

At his request, I added Face Painting to my Live Art Party arsenal in 2022, and he has had recurring work for me.   

I took my Art Party gear on the road and painted faces at a store opening on Saturday.

We got off to a great start with this cutie pie...

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