"My work isn't marketable" and other lies Starving Artists tell themselves

Here's a picture one of my customers posted on Facebook today of the living room in her new crib. The painting on the wall is Mug Shots (Jesus O' Nazereth), which she bought from me last year...

My Cartoon Portrait of indy comics writer Chace Thibodeaux

Caricature of my buddy ZEES!

2 Cartoon Portraits of my wife's friend David...

David by Samax Amen
 My wife's friend David commissioned me for not one, but TWO Cartoon Portraits recently...

Afro Chick Tattoo design

Here's a design I did for a client a while back but was too busy to post it on here. He wanted a tattoo design of a girl with an afro (probably my favorite thing to draw), so I came up with this...

my Cartoon Portrait of photographer Christopher Protagonist

Christopher Prtagonist by Samax Amen

Here's a couple of the $25 Portraits (only 4 DAYS LEFT to get yours!)

Jarvis S. admin at Black Science Fiction Society

Josh N. founder of ILLECT RECORDINGS

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