Character Design- "Dandy Lion" by Samax Amen

sketch (Dandy Lion) by Samax Amen
My yard is full of dandelions, and since we are selling the house, I have no intention of going to war with weeds. It's funny... as much as adults hate dandelions, kids love them. The name always made me think of a lion in a tuxedo... so since I'm a big kid at heart, I drew the sketch above. I liked it, so I decided to smash out the full body piece below....

Watercolors for Sale: "The Samson Series" by Samax Amen

I painted a series of watercolors in college starring the Old Testament action hero from the Biblical Book of Judges, Samson. The Announcement (above) portrays Samson's mother (on the left) who is told by an angel that she is going to give birth to the long-haired ass-kicker.  Peep more below...

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