For All the Superman Fans out there...

Look up in the Sky... by Samax.
pencil sketch, finished in photoshop.
click to enlarge

So far, so good... got a few commissions, trying to make some money while I look for my next assignment. I've never been a huge Superman fan, but I figure you need to be able to draw him if you're interested in drawing superhero comics. I actually get asked to draw him a lot at conventions and stuff... I have fun with it by playing up the idea of how intimidating it must be to be around someone so powerful (even for other superheroes). If I ever wrote Superman, I would explore the alien part of his nature... he grew up on Earth, but he is not one of us.
anyways, I hope you enjoy the pic. if there's something you'd like me to draw for you, get at me!


mmcelhaney said...

This is cool!

Samax said...

thanks, Marcus!
i'm selling prints of this for $10. if you're interested, let me know!

J.R. LeMar said...

I think I would like to write Superman, too. But it would have to be something out of continuity, like All Star Superman or Red Son (two of my favorite Superman series'), or even an all-ages book, like the old Superman Adventures, based on the cartoon. It seems to0 much trouble having to tie it all into the rest of the DCU, and whatever continuity they have @ the moment. And I don't want to write Supes married to Lois Lane.

But I agree with the alien stuff. That's something I've wanted to explore, as well. Though the trick is not to overdo it. He's not Silver Surfer. But I do think there should be an undercurrent of that in his motivations. He looks like us, and was raised to be one of us, but he's NOT. And he knows that.

In real life, if Superman existed most of us would hate, be scared, of @ least suspicious of him, no matter how "good" he acted. And he knows that. And that thought terrifies him. So that's why he wears that skin-tight bright-colored costume, with the long cape, and flies around rescuing cats from trees. Not just because he wants to do the right thing and help people but, deep down, he really wants us to like and accept him.

Samax said...

i want to write a superman story along those lines called "Superman Doesn't Love You." In the story (which I would do in continuity, but not tied to the other comics as much), i would 'unveil' Superman's motivations. similar to what you said, it would explore the idea that Superman's connection to the human race is really based on the people he loves (Lois, His Parents, Jimmy, etc) being happy.

i noticed that anytime the important supporting characters in his life die (such as Lois in Kingdom Come)Superman becomes detached from the human race. also, he ignores all the crime, war and violence in the world to have dinner with ma and pa, play with krypto or kick it with lois r jimmy.

If Lois, The Kents, or his other friends don't care about something, HE doesn't care.

Superman's human persona is an act. he is above us, and totally different from us. but he is smart enough to know how to interact with us. He is a hero because it is what his father (Jor-El) wanted.

the main difference between him and other alien heroes (like the surfer) is that he was raised by humans and had an unpretentious small-town upbringing.

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