Image of the month for April

Cover to Spontaneous, Spring 2008 by me.
64 pgs, 8.5x11, Full color.
twenty bucks.

sketch: Jesus Wept

this sketch is for a painting/illustration i wanna do called Pussy Galore (Jesus Wept). keep your eyes peeled 'cause it will definitely get done! for paintings of Jesus, go here.

i'll be returning to UNT in Denton this weekend

if you can and will, meet me for this little Mini Comic Convention at the University of North Texas in Denton. sign up to my email list at the show and get a FREE sketch! i should have copies of Spontaneous: Spring 2008 on hand, as well as tons of other goodies upon which you can spend your hard-earned skrill... plus there will be other creative monsters hawking their wares as well!

Spontaneous is here!

After a long hiatus from the publishing scene, ghostWerks returns with a new ongoing project: Spontaneous featuring art and writing by me. the Spring 2008 volume-available in both paperback and hardcover- can be purchased in the ghostWerks store. you can get the hardcover for Forty bucks, or cop the paperback for just twenty.

in addition, look for all three ghostWerks artists' work in The Book of Angels and Nightmares later on this year from, and the long-awaited launch of quarterly magazine/comics anthology ghettoManga Quarterly.


new Champion of Children story in the works!

greetings, Family! hope everyone's doing well... i think this is a good time to announce that i'm working on a NEW Champion of Children story! i wrote it a long time ago, but always wanted to collab with other people on it. having given up on that, i finally mustered up enough energy to draw it myself! i'm not sure how long it will be, so we'll see... but i have broken down the first five pages, and i'm feeling good about it!

it will star the Champ, (seen here) with her whole fam, (Big Madd Skillz, Junior Raw, and 2 Raw), and cameos by every major Champ hero and villain! Plus, a special guest that might just earn me a lawsuit! anyways, 'till then, enjoy the fresh pic!
peace, love, etc.

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