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America's relationship with the Military is a strange and ambivalent one. they need our protection just as much as we need theirs. The Soldier challenges you to see our troops -for all their heroism and power- as fellow human beings. how a viewer interprets this image says as much about their views on war, government and patriotism as it does about my perspective on these matters.

see Hip Hop and Live Art, fight Breast Cancer!

saturday. $5 cover goes to breast cancer research.
i'm creating art live on the scene, so bring some paper and get original art for cheap!
see ya there!

chugging along...

i haven't been blogging very much lately. working feverishly to wrap up ghettoManga Quarterly's debut issue, get ready for Playlist, the art show with the mighty ghostWerks crew on August 21st, and prepare for the impending birth of my daughter. at any rate, all three are on the brink, so stay tuned for news about all that as it develops.
I've been getting more purchases going through over at the Ziontific store, so if you are one of the people buying my shirts and cards, thanks! i haven't been promoting much lately, but i guess i'm experiencing some delayed payoffs from past marketing!
anyways, thanks for sticking with me, and expect more REAL news soon...

there is a Sole Survivor, and he is Miraculously Unharmed...

so for those who don't know me personally, i work at a call center (because freelance art is a wee bit unstable) four nights a week, on the graveyard shift. since i got married last year, i live pretty far away from work, requiring a 45 minute commute. well, on the way home this morning, i fell asleep at the wheel and woke up with a face full of federally-required airbag, surrounded by twisted metal that usedta be my Neon. i pulled myself out of the smashed up window, and walked out of the cloud of dust to see an off-duty fireman who had stopped to help me. the shock on his face looking at my car made me feel like i had to calm him down...
"it's okay, dog... i'm a'ight..."
soon i was surrounded by cops and EMT fussing over me and the car, repeatedly telling me what i already knew: I was damn lucky to be Alive. as i sat in the ambulance letting them check me over, i couldn't help thinking of M. Night Shyamalan's instant-classic Unbreakable, because that's the kinda guy i am...
Unbreakable (2000) Starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson

so anyways, i'm okay. i got tons of stuff i wanna do with my life, and i'm even more resolved to get it all done!

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