Rock On with Your BAD self...

Fan Art Sketch of Rachel Rage. click to enlarge
i did this art based on a comicbook character that one of my friends on mySpace does. Rachel Rage reminds me of a blaxploitation version of Kill Bill. lots of gratuitous sex and violence, but still fun. anyways, this is my drawing... hope you like it!

New "Cupid" Character Design Sketch

here's a new drawing i did of "Cupid" the ghettoManga mascot. this drawing will serve as the basis for the ghettoManga Awards trophy (hey, the academy's got that li'l naked gold dude!). this is the first drawing of the character with her trademark braids undone (she needs to go get her hair "did")...
anyways, hope ya'll dig it!
[NOTE: you can peep the finished piece here. hope you like it!]

just a sneak peek...

here's a panel from page 15 of the book i'm working on for a client... i like to put stuff out there, so i will probably start posting the lettered pages if there is any interest. my book is part two of the series, and my boy Khalid is working on part one. the client has announced they are going to put the books on the web for all to read this spring, so i'll announce the URL when it's ready!

so Fresh, so Green

HULK by samax. (click to enlarge)
brush pen and colored sharpies on paper.
as promised, here's the full color scan of that Hulk joint from the ALM Underground show. thanks to everyone who turned out and copped some fresh stuff. like i said, if anyone wants to buy the original art, email me.

everybody Loves Hulk

yeah, so this is the Hulk piece i drew at the ArtLoveMagic show... i drew it in color, but i liked the grayscale better. this is the first image i've been able to scan since i got Beauty, the laptop my moms gave me to replace Dexter (RIP). if anyone wants to buy the original piece, i'll give it up for $20 (shoot me an email). i'll post the original art here too, once i scan it again in color.


Who Knew? The product of a single-parent houshold and biracial son of an immigrant, Barack Obama has become what most Americans thought they would never see in their lifetime: the America's first black President!
so to commemorate one of the most unlikely events in American history, i'm making my illustration President Obama the Image of the Month for February. i became enamored with the Illinois Senator at the beginning of the primary season, and once the Iowa vote came down, i thought he could actually win it. although i disagree with him on some issues, and i get concerned with the unrealistic expectations some people seem to have, Obama's manner and intellect are what i want in a politician.
anyways, President Obama (like other Image of the Month alumni) is available for purchase in the Ziontific store on gear and posters in multiple sizes.

Video from UNDERGROUND art show...

Footage from the Art Love Magic: Underground 01/31/09
i drew the HULK... nice.

back in effect (how's that?)

this picture is here for no particular reason, except President Obama is the coolest man alive!
i had a wild and wooley weekend. on Saturday, I was fortunate enough to participate in Underground: Dallas' Hidden Talents, the gallery show/art event/hipster party by the fine folks at ArtLoveMagic. it was easily the most heavily-attended art show i've ever been involved with. my mom, two sisters, best friend, three nephews, wife, daughter, and many of my area mySpace and Facebook peoples were all in attendance. this one show tripled the subscribers to ghettoManga Quarterly, and i sold a ton of prints and comics... a great time was had by all... except Dexter, my laptop, which crashed on Sunday. so the last few days i've been scrambling to get a replacement machine and the programs i need to do my work.
as a result, i missed a few blogging days, but i'm back now.

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