Live Music, Art and Coffee!

Live Art. Live Music. Live Coffee.
whattup Fam!
Join me and the rest of the local art collective ArtLoveMagic for a free live art experience this Friday night May 30th.

Experience live painters and musicians in a chill, creative atmosphere.

there'll be coffee tastings every hour and even have an interactive art station where you can create a watercolor painting of different coffee blends.

Friday night
from 8pm to 11:30-ish.
Saxby's Coffee.
13605 Midway Rd –

Map and more info at
www. artlovemagic. com
www. myspace. com/almofficial
see you there!

it's a GIRL (well, it's gonna be!)!!!!

"Charlene's Pregnant"
ballpoint pen, photoshop

my wife Charlene and I have been expecting for some time now. but until this week, we didn't know WHAT to expect! well, now i know we are having a little girl, Marley Levelle, early next september.
we are smack dab in the middle of the pregnancy now, and this has me very motivated to get my art out there... trying to be a good dad/husband/provider and all that...

anyways, that's all for now! back to the ole drawin' board!

MORE Dare gear

the people have spoken! you want more Dare stuff?

new Dare gear!

Subway Angel

i drew this joint for this dude Subway Surfer who does ill caricatures... on his blog he invited artists to do their own caricatures of him, and i took a stab at it. let me know what you think, fam!

brief CAPE report

yes, i AM fly in my "True and Livin" hoodie. don't hate, emulate!

what's mine is YOURS!

you lucky dog! now you can buy a copy of Mine All Mine, a 16 page collection featuring one- page tales of wanton theft, written by indie madman David Hopkins (Karma Incorporated, Antigone, Emily Edison) with each page drawn by a different artist! this lovely little book made its glorious debut at CAPE. Dave's indie comics label, Antihero Comics, broke me off a dozen copies for my contribution, and you can cop one of 'em for three bucks (with FREE shipping, homie!) by clicking the link.

not convinced? just peep this list of contributors:
Cover by Tania Kaufmann

Samax Amen ("The Plan")
Ryan Cody ("Long Walk Home")
David DeGrand ("Stealing Electricity")
Joe Eisma ("Lost Wallet")
Jake Ekiss ("Vending Machines")
Derrick Fish ("Misdirection")
John Gonzales ("My First Stolen Car")
Michael Lagocki ("Tools of the Trade")
Jim Lujan ("The Nigerian Scam")
Paul Milligan ("Kidnapping")
Wes Molebash ("I Found It")
Chad Sell ("Will Run for Food")
Cal Slayton ("Return Policy")
Justin Stewart ("Blanket Thief")
ZeeS ("Pickpocket")
Scott Zirkel ("The Oil Change")


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