that 70's comic

so here's a sneak peek at a panel from the page i'm working on right now. it's from page 25 of Permanent Residents, from a vignette that takes place in the year 1977. click the pic to view it a little larger! i'm having fun on this book, and I'm looking forward to drawing this chapter, which was my favorite when i read it in the script. one of the fun things about working on this book is switching to different time periods and characters. it makes it harder, but also more fun! well, that's enough for now, i gotta get back to work!

My Fan Art Got Published!

i submitted this drawing of Unknown, one of the characters in Ross Campbell's Wet Moon OGN series, a while back. even though he told me that he liked the piece, i didn't know that he had decided to use it until i bought my copy of Wet Moon Volume 5: Where All Stars Fail to Burn and got it home to start reading it. so i opened it up and looked at the back to peep the fan art section and there i was! i had hoped my piece would get in, but it didn't stop me from feeling surprised. i love seeing my work reproduced, and in this case many thousands of copies went out to comic shops and book stores all over the country! very exciting! if you wanna buy a copy, it's available on

Vroom, Vroom the Conversation Starter!

first of all, Dallas Comicon was the bomb! a big thank you to everyone who attended, came by to talk, check out my stuff, commission a drawing, buy something, and especially to my boys from the mighty Ghostwerks crew who helped bring that special geedub atmosphere! this piece was very, very popular. i only sold one copy, but almost every single person who looked at it laughed (some people actually fell out laughing). it was also something of a conversation starter, leading to several fascinating exchanges about racism, Bill Cosby, and social inequality (among others topics). this was my most successful show in a while, and it was good to see my friends really get into it. they have so much talent, and it's good to see them getting money and positive feedback from fans and customers again.
anyways, if you want to order a print of this, just let me know!

Con Artist...

I had a blast at Dallas Comicon today! I didn't get a chance to get up and visit any of my friends' tables because we were super busy all day! it has been fun getting back into conventions, and this was the best one i've done in a while! here's a few pieces that were updated for this con. i had several prints leftover from previous shows, so with the new pieces i added, i had a good variety. i did some fan art, some of my own characters, and some non-comics stuff. i've found that people appreciate that you draw stuff other than comics... puts it in perspective, i guess! i wish the new issue of ghettoManga Quarterly had been ready(sigh), but it was still a great show.
it was a long day, but i'm looking forward to wrapping up tomorrow. i know some of the people who read this blog are from out of the area, so if you are interested in getting prints, let me know. all those who i met at this show, thanks for your support and thanks for reading!

Don't Be Scurred!

here's a pin up i did for my friend Cal Slayton. it started as a quick sketch, but most of what you see was done with photoshop. shown here is Jack Brannon, the star of Cal's retro horror graphic novel Spookytown. if you like it, go check out Cal's work here. he's good and stuff! i will have prints of this with me at Dallas Comicon next weekend. Cal will be there too, and he always brings lots of cool stuff. if you can't come but still want to buy a copy of this, I should have them available by the end of the week to purchase online as well!

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