new scene!

page 11, before lettering
so now Permanent Residents moves on to the first vignette, which is built around a rivalry between two Tejano volunteer soldiers in the Texas revolution. this comic takes place at the historic Menger Hotel, across the street from the Alamo, so in 1836, the site was actually a battleground. it was fun to dive into the period elements of the story (although it made me nervous when i read the script!). Period fiction has never been something i took interest in as an artist, so it is actually kind of fun to try it! i wanted to try to draw this totally in photoshop without drawing on paper first. i found out that i really like drawing cowboys, which i did not expect! so this vignette should be fun!

Movies That Should Be Comics, ghettoManga Quarterly, and other stuff i'm Doing...

Machete by Samax Amen. brush pen, photoshop. click to enlarge.
i've been keeping busy lately. besides working on the comic Permanent Residents for my client, i'm also writing, illustrating and quarterbacking the latest issue of my comics anthology/hip Hop culture magazine ghettoManga Quarterly, which is available for preorder now. the new issue will have the first installment in the series of illustrated articles Movies That Should Be Comics. the pic you see here is for that first article about Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse spinoff/mock-trailer-turned-actual-upcoming-movie Machette, whose star Danny Trejo was so easy to draw that I was able to knock this out in one sitting.
anyways, sorry i took so long between posts... i'll try to do better next time!

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping pencil on paper by Samax (click to enlarge).
here's a classic joint from the archive...

Bee Girl Stance

Bee Girl Stance by samax. click to enlarge
here's a drawing of my daughter Marley that i drew today. just a quick ballpoint sketch, tightened up in Photoshop. my wife has Marley's nursery all decked out with a bumblebee motif (guys, you may as well know now, once you get married, women like to decorate rooms with themes), so i like to call Marley our little Bee Girl. she has recently just taken her first steps, but it would be stretch to say she is walking... i don't wanna rush her into pop-locking or anything. she falls on her face enough on her own, without me pushing her! she does love it when you beat box, though...
anyways, hope ya'll like it!
[EDIT: my wife pointed out that i forgot her birthmark, so i added it to her cheek!]

Marley's Favorite Video

Papa Moco Jumbie by Noggin
like all the babies i've ever been around, my daughter Marley loves music. her favorite video right now is Papa Moco Jumbie which they play periodically on Noggin. not enough for me and my wife's tastes (watching this little brown boy praise his daddy's job makes us almost as giggly as it does Marley), so i went and found it on youTube (after recording it on the DVR, of course). Papa Moco Jumbie is about a little boy who wants to be just like his dad, a Moco Jumbie (one of those guys on stilts at Carnival). obviously, Marley has no knowledge of her race, culture or any of that... she just loves dancing and singing along! but i'm glad to be able to have her dance and sing to this!


it's ALL about ME!!!

a pic of yours truly rockin' the live art on the roof of The Bone in dallas for the ArtLoveMagic/H4 Benefit Show.
that dude Sheldon interviewed me a couple weeks ago and posted it on so if you're curious about me and what i'm talkin' about, click the pic and go check it out. leave comments. play nice. you know the deal...

Drew It Big...

Untitled (sketch portrait) by Samax. click to enlarge
no, my boy Drew doesn't have a rap album, action movie, or graphic novel coming out... i gave his portrait its larger-than-life aura because Drew is a big-time Superman fan. he has a tattoo of the Man-of-Steel's iconic symbol on his back, a Superman chain he wears on his neck... he's got a Superman TIE, for pete's sake! you only have to talk to him on the phone once to know he does everything Godzilla BIG, so i made sure to bring that superhuman steelo to his portrait, ya dig? anyways, i drew (heh) this with watercolor brush pens and cranked it up a few notches with photoshop. let me know what ya'll think!

Captain America

Captain America by samax. watercolor brush pens on computer paper.
okay, so for some reason i decided to enter this challenge on deviantArt to submit a new piece of art every single day for the entire month of July (this is the second one. for the first one, go here) . i'm not sure why i did it, since i am already MAD busy... BUT i do intend to keep pace. so as NOT to overwhelm the inboxes of all my email subscribers, i won't post them all here, but i'll definitely post some. i'll be using this challenge to catch up on some of the stuff on my "to do" list, including pending commissions and my comics assignment i keep talking about. anybody who wants a sketch of their favorite character, go to the sketch portrait post. same pricing will apply...
anyways, that's it for now....

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