new Sketch- The Watcher

Uatu, The Watcher (detail. full drawing below. 30 minutes)

New Sketch-----> ULTRON

The Mighty Ultron (25 minutes) by Samax Amen

Imara Means Strength...

Imara Means Strength by Samax Amen

American Woman...

Fighting Yank by Samax Amen

"Slade" by Samax Amen

Slade (about 90 Minutes) by Samax Amen

that Punisher joint

The Punisher (30 minutes) by Samax Amen

Doing it for "the Love" vs "the Money"...

Another sneak peak at the Herman Heed story I'm working on.

JJ ♥s Batman

Did this for a customer whose son loves Batman, so obviously, his kid is a genius...
Anyways, I'm currently giving away free commissions drawings like this (or 8.5 x 11 prints of existing pieces) with a paid subscription to my magazine GhettoManga Quarterly! for details, go here.

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