Liontific (or, Leology)

me and the my Lady went down to celebrate my momma's birthDay yesterday with the Fam... since i'm poor (and we were already going to an expensive restaurant!), i made her a gift instead. that gift was the illustration
"Leo: Queen by Birth", shown here. after i gave it to her, i had the bright idea to make them available for purchase in my shop... THEN i had the even BRIGHTER idea to do a theme store dedicated to each birth sign on the zodiological calendar!

so anyways, there are several liontific images in the Leo section already. i will try to add at least one new section to my Zodiac store each month, for the primary birthsign of that month (next month is Virgo...), so stay tuned!
check it out and, as always, let me know what you think!


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