it's really no contest... "Daydreamer" is the most popular image i've ever made. Born at the intersection of my creativity, curiousity, and slackerly nature, the image has illicited more feedback from more varied kinds of people than any of my other works...
i guess if i can figure out how to duplicate its appeal, i'll officially be an artist!
anyways, there's a grip of products available with this image, so feel free to vote with your wallet!


"Are You Done Yet?" Greeting Card

if you've got an artsy type in your life, you probably know how obsessed we can get with our work. teach him or her how to balance the things that matter with this slick greeting card!
peace, fam'ly!

the Wall

please don't make me discuss the meaning of "The Wall"... it's okay if you don't get it. ultimately, i thought it was cool, i drew it, and i made it available for cats to buy. if you just GOTTA have a "meaning"... go check out the inspirational greeting cards and other assorted stuff i made with it.


Print Etchings for Sale while supplies last

this summer, I was searching for something, getting my rummage on, and found some print etchings from college. There are three separate images from limited runs of 5 each, that I thought had sold out. So I was pleasantly surprised to find these, and decided to put them on sale.

they go for $50 apiece. i sold a couple this summer, and here they are again. For those who like the images, but can't afford the fitty bucks, you can purchase poster prints from café press of the images a little cheaper (click on the name of the print for the online store...)

The original etchings are 6x9, set a little off center in the middle of a sheet of heavy textured paper thats about 11x15. if you are super anal, you may want to cut the paper down to fit a frame, or crop the image. I wont STOP or FORBID you, but I dont recommend it either. I personally consider the seating of the image part of the original art.

Etching (the same way money is made) produces prints that are made by drawing an image, and transferring the image onto a metal plate (using a complex process) with acid. The plate is then smeared with black or colored inks, and hand pressed to produce the image you see. Because I pressed, signed and numbered these images by hand, each print is slightly different, with minute variations in the color, seating on the paper, and signature. The runs are limited; after the print run is completed, the metal plate is destroyed.

Anyways, here they are:

Daydreamer 3 of 5 still available. Also available on Café Press

For whatever reason, this image is very popular. I have probably sold more posters of this on café press than anything else Ive done. If these dont all sell within a week or so, Ill keep the last one for myself, and raise the price up high. Its a meaningful image for me, and in my opinion, my best print.

Untitled (John Henry) 2 of 5 still available. Not yet available on Café Press (if you would rather order a poster of this, let me know, and i'll hook it up for you!)

John Henry was a steel-drivin man! Of all the fables (technically, J.H. is a tall tale), the story of John Henry was my favorite! Don't ask me why

Maiestas Domini 2 of 5 still available. also available on cafe press

I painted a massive acrylic piece based on this print. The painting was in an art contest, and as a result, I wound up selling the other three of these at $125 a pop in one day(I also sold the painting to my man nature... Ah, weren't the Clinton years awesome?) its my take on the majestic messiah imagery from the book of revelation

If you want to buy one of these, let me know, and Ill get you a link to pay with paypal, or you can mail me a money order. this is a sale offer, with limited supply, so if you see something you want PLEASE let me know...



the Dragon Lady

"the Curve is mightier than the sword" -mae west. but this fly honey wields both to maximum effect, RECOGNIZE! click the picture for a selection of fresh junk with this image!

Holla Day Cheer!

whateva man... i'm doin the best i can to be festive... eh. sometimes i'm more into the whole holiday cheer than others. but for now, check this christmas card i designed! yeah, it's my very first christmas card, so you should cop it on GeePee!

happy Holla Days!

elephant City is coming...

people close to me have started to notice my love of drawing girls with elephants... this points to a book i'm working on called Elephant City that will feature the images.

the completion of the book is still far off, but for now you can cop merch featuring the book's first completed image. follow this link to merch with the purple pachyderm...


champ 9-11 joint

here's my Champion of Children September 11th Memorial drawing... cop merch with this image HERE

Gorgeous Destroyer (Red)

here's the updated artwork for my new tee. those who have asked for gorgeous Destroyer shirts in the past, and i promised i'd get to it, here it is!
click on the pic and buy some junk.
thanks fam!

Hammer Time?

i made some teeshirts and other assorted swag featuring Darius, star of Dare! the Adventures of Darius Davidson from ghostWerks comics. in this image, Dare has clearly made his point using that most useful and versatile of inventions, the hammer. I'm sure he tried to settle it peacefully first...
anyways, if you wanna rock some Dare junk, click the image for his store.
there's more comics in the works too... for now read his exploits FREE online at Dare-i-us.

ziontific Black Flag

this image has an entire cafe press store all to itself.
click the image to buy products with this image!

this store is new, so be patient while i iron out the kinks...
for any comments, suggestions, etc email me at

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