Get with this SWEETHEART SPECIAL on Cartoon Portraits in time for Valentine's Day!

Order your Cartoon Portrait today and get a FREE EXTRA PERSON Upgrade! Perfect for Valentine's Day!

I was never much of a Valentine's Day guy myself before I got married, but I know enough to know it's a good idea to have an awesome gift in the chamber for your significant other, whether they claim to want one or not! So since I have had lots of request for Cartoon Portraits again recently, and because Valentine's Day is coming up, I am offering my SWEETHEART SPECIAL! Get a FREE EXTRA PERSON UPGRADE (a $15 savings) when you place your order BEFORE FEBRUARY 1st! That way, you can have a drawing of yourself and your sweetie, of yourself and your mom (or best friend, or grandchild...) or get one as a gift for some deserving couple in your life! You get the drift...

So here's the deal.
You will receive a unique hand-drawn Cartoon-style original drawing on 8x11 cardstock mailed to your door, ready for framing. You'll also get a digital copy emailed to you immediately upon completion, perfect for social media profile pics, avatars, and covers. Your portrait will include head and shoulders, but full body drawings upgrades are available.
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UPGRADES-$15 each (billed separately after completion)
*full-body drawing
*extra props
*color (watercolor and markers OR digital color/print)
*extra people (♥ONE FREE WITH THIS SPECIAL♥)
*up-size to 11x14 or 11x17
I can't afford to do refunds, so please, please, please contact me with any questions via Facebook, Twitter or email before you order.
OFFER ENDS JANUARY 31st to ensure delivery in time for Valentines Day!
Portraits will be completed in the order they are received, so click the button to place your order today!

PS! If you are a member of my FAN CLUB, you can get an additional 50% OFF on your portrait, OR get an additional portrait FREE! Your choice, so let me know!

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