And The CUPID Goes To...

design for the "ghettoManga Award" Trophy (click to enlarge).
the awards are also called "Cupids" (like the Academy gives out "Oscars")
"Cupid" is the name of the ghettoManga Mascot. i'm actually working on some comic book stories for this character waaaay on the back burner... for reference i used this photo by A Blind Vision Photography. her work features EXACTLY the kind of women i like to draw, so you'll pro'lly see me ref'ing her stuff a lot! hopefully, i'll get to actually make these trophies eventually! i already have my eye on the sculptor... we'll see!
anyways... if you wanna know who the ghettoManga Award winners for '08 were, go here
buy a print of the image here.


k said...

dude,...good luck with this one. i wanna see more of this.


samax amen said...

Thanks! This is my first time seeing this comment. I hope you're still riding with me, Kevin!

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