quick Crossbones drawing

Crossbones by Samax Amen

Yeah, so Crossbones is the guy who shot Captain America, who died but is now back alive, but he's not Captain America now... another dude is. Crossbones was selected to participate in Luke Cage's team the  Thunderbolts, a kind of work-release program where supervillain convicts form a covert superhero squad.
Anyways, I drew this straight into photoshop in about 40 minutes. I like how it turned out, but if I draw the character again, I will draw him shooting or brandishing a firearm, which would illustrate his character more.
I hope you enjoy it as is, though!


Mike Hawthorne said...

"Quick" he says!


o f l o d a said...

I love the way you knocked it out. Great work!

Samax said...

it's kinda quick...

I just skip the steps of sketching, drawing, inking... and just draw it straight in color. yay, photoshop!

Glad ya like it!

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

SOLID! Menancing! Nice!

Cal Slayton said...

Very nice!

Samax said...

thanks, guys!

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