My Fan Art Got Published!

i submitted this drawing of Unknown, one of the characters in Ross Campbell's Wet Moon OGN series, a while back. even though he told me that he liked the piece, i didn't know that he had decided to use it until i bought my copy of Wet Moon Volume 5: Where All Stars Fail to Burn and got it home to start reading it. so i opened it up and looked at the back to peep the fan art section and there i was! i had hoped my piece would get in, but it didn't stop me from feeling surprised. i love seeing my work reproduced, and in this case many thousands of copies went out to comic shops and book stores all over the country! very exciting! if you wanna buy a copy, it's available on


Marcus McElhaney said...

Congratulations!I see why it was chose: well-drawn ninja girl with a sword! What's not to like!?

samax said...

thanks, Marc! i'll still be geeking over this for a while i think!

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