NewPortrait: "Camisha" by Samax Amen

When the doors opened on my Custom Art Sale, my fiend Camisha jumped right on it for this portrait. She's cool like that...

I drew this with pencil first, then lightboxed it onto some sturdy 110lb inkjet paper with a Sharpie Fine Point Pen, and spotted the blacks and punched up the line weights with a Sharpie Chisel Tip Marker.
Did I mention Camisha makes jewelry? She SO makes jewelry! Check out her work on her Lunaversoul Facebook page here, or her Etsy store here.


Lunaversoul said...

I LOVE, LOOOOOVE My drawing so much!You are amazing. You already know I will be back for another piece to add to my collection. I appreciate the Big ups as well!

samax amen said...

Word. Anytime Camisha!

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