"One Nation" Sketch Cover by Samax Amen

 Check out this sketch cover I did for Jason Reeves's indy superhero comic One Nation!

One Nation #1 Sketch Cover (Penciled)
 Yeah, I did this with a good old-fashioned  #2 pencil from Office Depot. I don't pencil very tight when I know I'm gonna ink it myself. I also wanted to keep it light because I'm sketching right on the cover that the client will receive, and I hate erasing after I ink.
One Nation #1 Sketch Cover (inked) by Samax Amen
So I inked this with a Sharpie Pen, a Sharpie fine point marker, and an old busted gray brush marker. Since I had to draw this right on the comic cover, I wasn't able to light-table it, or use any Photoshop shenanigans. That being the case, I'm sure there are lots of flaws in it, but guess what? I like it anyways. I never did a sketch cover before. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
Hope you enjoyed it, too!

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