hey everyone. hope all is going well for you. Here's a drawing of my favorite superhero that i banged out last night. i did a really quick drawing, then fancied it up in photoshop. I know it isn't a perfect drawing, but i like how it turned out. i think i'll put it in my new book, Spontaneous 2009 that's dropping in December. while you're having a good time this weekend, i'll be at home drawing. Hopefully, i'll finish some things up and will be available to take some commissions next week. so if you're lookin' to get a drawing or portrait or something, stay tuned!


mmcelhaney said...

Wow!!! I love Spider-man and you captured him perfectly!

Samax said...

thanks Marcus! much appreciated!

Arkonbey said...

the way the black of the 'webs' on his costume and his face shadow fade into the background is great. Very Michael Cho-esque.

I also really like the fingers. Given that he clings to buildings by them, Spidey should have such expressive digits

Samax said...

I really like to draw Spidey as scary and inhuman as possible.

the creepy nature of his design is what drew me to him as a kid, i think. nice contrast with all the wisecrack comments!

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